The Legacy of Zellig Harris

Language and information into the 21st century

2 Volumes (set)

Bruce E. Nevin | Cisco Systems, Inc.
Stephen B. Johnson | Columbia University
ISBN 9789027247414 (Eur) | EUR 245.00
ISBN 9781588113160 (USA) | USD 368.00
Zellig Harris opened many lines of research in language, information, and culture. In these two volumes an international array of scholars describe Harris’s work, further developments, and relate this work to that of others.
Volume 1 focuses on the importance of Harris’s work in the philosophy of science and in theoretical linguistics. It begins with a survey article by Harris himself, which was hitherto unavailable in English.
Volume 2 explores Harris’s profound influence in formal systems and applied mathematics, in demonstrations of the computability of language, and in informatics. This volume begins with a commentary by André Lentin on Harris’s grounding in constructivist, intuitionist mathematics, drawing a parellel between his central insights and those of Gödel and others which were of like import in the foundations of mathematics.
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 228-229] 2002.  xxxvi, 323 pp. & xx, 312 pp.
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