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Transnational Books for Children 1750-1900: Producers, consumers, encounters
Edited by Charlotte Appel, Nina Christensen and M.O. Grenby
[Children’s Literature, Culture, and Cognition 15] 2023
► pp. 356376

Texts by the Nelsons

The “Nelson Family Juvenilia Collection of Pamela Russell and Murray McClellan, ca. 1892–1895” is held in the Archives and Special Collections at Amherst College’s Frost Library (MA.00249)
Bibliographical details and digitized images of this material, including all the texts referred to in this chapter (listed separately below), are available at [URL].

Writings about daily life

Nelson, Arthur, Elmer, Hial, Ida, and Walter
The Worlds and Works of the Nelson Brothers. Writings about daily life [URL]
1897Sketches of Our Home Life. Volume 1.Google Scholar
Nelson, Elmer
1899My Library.Google Scholar
Nelson, Ida Farr
1940Sketch of the Life of Mrs. Ida Farr Nelson: written at the request of her granddaughter Mrs. Doris Nelson Newman.Google Scholar

Library of homemade books and periodicals

Nelson, Arthur, Elmer, Hial, Ida, and Walter
The Worlds and Works of the Nelson Brothers. Nelson Homemade Books. [URL]
American Family Robinson
2 vols.
Chit Chat.
Complete Geography of the World
Complete History of Big Continent
Fragment 15 – Horse Rase Anthology
Gazetter of the World
History of Long Continent
History of the Wourld.
Intellectual Farmer
Military Uniforms
Mountain News
Nelson Bros. Novelties (seed catalogue)
Nelson Bros Seedsmen
Seven Days in the Country
Thirty Days War
Weekly Telegram
Western World

Other primary sources

Dickens, Charles
1852 and 1854A Child’s History of England. 2 vols. London: Bradbury & Evans (first published serially in Household Words 1851–1853).Google Scholar
1854A Child’s History of England. 2 vols. Boston: Jenks, Hickling & Swan.Google Scholar
1890A Child’s History of England. 2 vols. Boston: Estes & Lauriat. (earlier printings 1868, 1881, 1882, 1883, 1885, 1886, and 1888).Google Scholar
Hall, G. Stanley
1897The Story of a Sand-Pile. New York: E. L. Kellogg & Co.Google Scholar

Secondary sources

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