Speaking Back

The free speech versus hate speech debate

Katharine Gelber | University of New South Wales
ISBN 9789027226914 (Eur) | EUR 99.00
ISBN 9781588111883 (USA) | USD 149.00
ISBN 9789027297709 | EUR 99.00 | USD 149.00
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This book proposes an original policy framework for addressing hate speech. Gelber argues that a policy designed to provide support to affected groups and communities to enable them to speak back when hate speech occurs, is a more useful way of addressing the harms of hate speech than punitive measures. She suggests that “speaking back” allows the affected groups to contradict the messages contained in the words of the hate speakers, and to counteract the silencing, disempowering and marginalising effects of hate speech. Gelber’s argument uniquely synthesises the ideas of defending the importance of participating in speech, recognising the harms of hate speech and acknowledging that targeted groups may require assistance to respond.
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“[...] a comprehensive, thoroughly examined and well documented study on a topic that straddles several disciplines, including discourse analysis, pragmatics, communication theory, sociology, politics and law.”
“This book makes an important contribution to the field of discourse studies, providing a consolidated hate speech policy whereby the goals of both securing free speech and ameliorating the negative effects of hate speech are achieved simultaneously.”
“Gelber's writing is clear and not technical. Her discussion of whether borderline cases can be taken as hate speech is fascinating and easy to follow.”
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