Explorations in the Sociology of Language and Religion

Tope Omoniyi | Roehampton University
Joshua A. Fishman † | New York University
ISBN 9789027227102 | EUR 120.00 | USD 180.00
ISBN 9789027293374 | EUR 120.00 | USD 180.00
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The Sociology of Language and Religion (SLR) is still in its infancy as a sub-discipline in the macrosociolinguistic tradition. It is therefore no coincidence that the editorial collaboration to produce its first definitive text Explorations in the Sociology of Language and Religion has involved Joshua A. Fishman, often cited in the literature as one of the founders of the Sociology of Language. Tope Omoniyi brings to the collaboration an insightful and incisive critical eye for engaging with diversity in the treatment of language and religion. Together as editors they have successfully midwived the birth of SLR. The studies and debates contained in this volume revisit those themes that both of the contributory disciplines of Sociology of Language and Religion have common interest in. The contributing authors explore new methodologies and paradigms of analysis that they deem appropriate for this interesting and complex interface in an attempt to demonstrate how the shared interests of these disciplines impact social practices in various communities around the world. The ultimate objective of the discussions is to fashion tools for creating a body of new knowledge that supports the emergence of a better society. Towards this end, the authors have harnessed resources from varied geographical, cultural, linguistic and religious constituencies without compromising analytical depth. In the process, they have opened up new areas of sociolinguistic inquiry. The volume is thus presented as a highly useful reference resource both for undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship.
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“This volume provides a panoramic survey of the relationship and interaction of religion and language. Omoniyi and Fishman have assembled a strong group of contributors who deliver subtle and insightful case studies. Leading scholars set forth compelling accounts of religion and language, covering a wide range of faiths and contexts, with not just the 'obvious suspects' – Islam and Christianity – but also including Native American, Bah'ai, Hinduism and Orisa worship. It is indispensable reading for understanding the debate about how religion affects language and vice versa.”
“What is interesting about the way in which the field of sociology of language and religion has been conceptualized in this volume is that it is both innovative and old. It is the interface of both language and religion that provides the innovation. And in looking at both phenomena jointly, the editors and contributors draw on past scholarship connected to the Sociology of Language. Thus, the perspective is new, simultaneous, juxtaposing language and religion in dynamic, rather than categorical ways, but the theoretical framework is one that we're familiar with. The dynamism created by the juxtaposition is what makes the theory shift, expand, grow, while providing it with an intellectual anchor that enables the excellent contributions that we read.”
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