Functions of Language

Online-first articles

The following articles have been published online-first, and have not yet been published in an issue.

9 July 2024

Eyes do not lie but words do: Evidence from eye-movement monitoring during reading that misuse of evidentiality marking in Turkish is interpreted as deceptive
Seçkin Arslan, Elif Tutku Tunali, Yagmur Çetin and Özgür Aydin | 19 pp.
The discourse functions of simple copulas in Dzongkha
Stephen Watters | 29 pp.

21 June 2024

Review of Sarda & Lena (2023): Existential constructions across languages: Forms, meanings and functions
Yunhan Jia and Yicheng Wu | 6 pp.

3 June 2024

On the co-optation of according to as an evidential in English
Debra Ziegeler | 18 pp.

28 May 2024

The functions of evidentiality: The functions of evidentiality
Eric Mélac and Pascale Leclercq | 15 pp.

1 May 2024

Review of Steen (2023): Slowing metaphor down: Elaborating Deliberate Metaphor Theory
Yang Gao and Deliang Wang | 6 pp.

29 April 2024

Semi-embedded clauses in Aisi: Assertion, disengagement, and insubordination
Don Daniels | 27 pp.

22 January 2024

Review of Martin, Quiroz & Wang (2023): Systemic functional grammar: A text-based description of English, Spanish and Chinese
Hongmiao Gao | 6 pp.

3 January 2024

Review of Yus (2023): Pragmatics of internet humour
Ruijia Zhang, Chang Xu and Shengbin Du | 6 pp.