Review published In:
ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics
Vol. 62 (1983) ► pp.7578
G. White
The subject specialist and the ESP teacher”, pp. 9–14.
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Using authentic materials in an authentic way”, pp. 22–33.
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Some difficulties, real and imagined, in conducting medical case conferences in the teaching of doctor/doctor language”, pp. 34–44.
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A study of ESP in action : some preliminary findings”, pp. 15–21.
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ESP for the pre-intermediate student”, pp. 56–63.
P. Jakes
Adapting and developing a printed ESP dialogue”, pp. 64–70.
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Border post: a course in 'customs English'”, pp. 51–55.
S. Chandler
Specific rather than specialized: a course for the Italian Air Force”, pp. 45–50.
J. Gibbon & J. Scott
How to face inter-disciplinary groups”, pp. 71–74.