The Mental Lexicon

Volume 10, Issue 2 (2015)

2015.  iii, 147 pp.
Publishing status: Available
Table of Contents
Regional origin affects the interpretation of linking elements in spoken Dutch compounds
Esther Hanssen, Arina Banga, Anneke Neijt and Robert Schreuder
Morphological structure governs the process of accessing grammatical gender in the course of production
Maya Dank and Avital Deutsch
Emotional arousal and lexical specificity modulate response times differently depending on ear of presentation in a dichotic listening task
Frida Blomberg, Mikael Roll, Magnus Lindgren, K. Jonas Brännström and Merle Horne
Lexical access in L2: Representational deficit or processing constraint?
Svetlana V. Cook and Kira Gor
Lexical access in mild cognitive impairment: The effects of context
Vanessa Taler, Shanna Kousaie and Christine Sheppard
Lexicality judgements in healthy aging and in individuals with Alzheimer's disease: Effect of neighbourhood density
Nancy Azevedo, Eva Kehayia, Ruth Ann Atchley and N.P. Vasavan Nair

Main BIC Subject

CFD: Psycholinguistics

Main BISAC Subject

LAN009000: LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics / General