Paul Newman

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Syllable Weight in African Languages

Edited by Paul Newman

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 338] 2017. x, 219 pp.
Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Morphology | Other African languages | Phonology | Theoretical linguistics


Newman, Paul 2017 IntroductionSyllable Weight in African Languages, Newman, Paul (ed.), pp. 1–8 | Article
Newman, Paul 2017 Chapter 1. Syllable weight as a phonological variableSyllable Weight in African Languages, Newman, Paul (ed.), pp. 9–26 | Chapter
This is an abridged version of a paper originally published over forty years ago (Newman 1972). It is being reprinted here because of its significance in the history of phonological theory and its contribution to African linguistics. At a time when the role of the syllable in linguistics was being… read more
Newman, Paul 2001 Are ideophones really as weird and extra-systematic as linguists make them out to be?Ideophones, Voeltz, F.K. Erhard and Christa Kilian-Hatz (eds.), pp. 251–258 | Article
Newman, Paul 1992 The Drift from the Coda into the Syllable Nucleus in HausaDiachronica 9:2, pp. 227–238 | Article
SUMMARY This paper illustrates the importance of syllable organization in phonological development and the validity of drift as a factor in diachronic change. At an earlier period, word medial CVC syllables, with the second C belonging to the coda, were quite common in Hausa. As a result of… read more