Gwendoline Fox

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gwendoline Fox plays a role.


Klein, Janina, Stéphane Jullien and Gwendoline Fox 2021 Chapter 6. Explorations in the relations between reference, syntactic constructions and prosodyThe Acquisition of Referring Expressions: A dialogical approach, Salazar-Orvig, Anne, Geneviève de Weck, Rouba Hassan and Annie Rialland (eds.), pp. 164–199 | Chapter
Based on a cross-sectional corpus of 14 mother-child conversations (aged 2;2 to 2;4), this chapter explores children’s sensitivity to both formal linguistic features and discourse-pragmatic factors. We considered various issues. The first was the sensitivity of young children to discourse… read more
This article proposes to study the acquisition of the placement of attributive adjectives by French-speaking children between the ages of 3;9 and 4;6. It examines the possibility to account for children’s uses and evolution on the basis of the model provided by the input, considering that there is… read more
Thuilier, Juliette, Gwendoline Fox et Benoît Crabbé 2012 Prédire la position de l’adjectif épithète en français: Approche quantitativeLingvisticæ Investigationes 35:1, pp. 28–75 | Article
The paper provides a quantitative study (on the syntax) of the placement alternation for the adjective within the noun phrase in French. Taking the hypothesis that position constraints are mostly preferential as a starting point, we develop a methodology based on statistical inference in order to… read more