Lyle Lustigman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lyle Lustigman plays a role.


The present study examines the development of ‘but’-introduced clauses in adult-toddler conversations, distinguishing between autonomous productions (I wanna stay but we need to go) and adult-child co-constructed uses (Adult: we’re going home, Child: but I wanna stay). Analyses covered… read more
The paper considers Hebrew-acquiring children’s transition from pervasive non-marking to productive command of grammatical systems in three linguistic domains: verb inflection, predicate elaboration, and clause-combining. The first two are examined in longitudinal samples from three children… read more
Berman, Ruth A. and Lyle Lustigman 2014 Emergent clause-combining in adult-child interactional contextsLanguage in Interaction: Studies in honor of Eve V. Clark, Arnon, Inbal, Marisa Casillas, Chigusa Kurumada and Bruno Estigarribia (eds.), pp. 281–300 | Article
The study analyzes early clause-combining (CC) complex syntax of three Hebrew-acquiring girls in self-initiated autonomous constructions compared to three types of interlocutor-supported contexts – by means of Affirmations (encouraging comments), Scaffolding (structural prompts), and… read more