John L. Plews

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Study Abroad to, from, and within Asia

Edited by John L. Plews and Jane Jackson

Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


Plews, John L., Kim Misfeldt and Richard Feddersen 2023 Chapter 5. Diaries and journals in study abroad researchMethods in Study Abroad Research: Past, present, and future, Pérez-Vidal, Carmen and Cristina Sanz (eds.), pp. 109–134 | Chapter
This chapter examines journals as a method for gathering qualitative study abroad (SA) research data. We define various kinds of journals, trace their implementation, assess their contributions, and discuss their limitations. Journals-based SA research has shown individual variation, the impact… read more
Plews, John L. and Jane Jackson 2017 Introduction to the special issue: Study Abroad to, from, and within AsiaStudy Abroad to, from, and within Asia, Plews, John L. and Jane Jackson (eds.), pp. 137–146 | Introduction