Renée van Bezooijen

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Linguistics in the Netherlands 1999

Edited by Renée van Bezooijen and René Kager

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 16] 1999. xii, 231 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics

Linguistics in the Netherlands 1998

Edited by Renée van Bezooijen and René Kager

[Linguistics in the Netherlands, 15] 1998. xii, 212 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Gooskens, Charlotte and Renée van Bezooijen 2014 The effect of pause insertion on the intelligibility of Danish among SwedesAbove and Beyond the Segments: Experimental linguistics and phonetics, Caspers, Johanneke, Yiya Chen, Willemijn Heeren, Jos Pacilly, Niels O. Schiller and Ellen van Zanten (eds.), pp. 96–108 | Article
Scharpff & Van Heuven (1988) have shown that low-quality, synthetic speech is better understood when pauses are inserted at prosodic boundaries. Their study pertains to an L1 situation. In the present paper we test the hypothesis that the positive effect of particular pauses on intelligibility… read more
Gooskens, Charlotte, Renée van Bezooijen and Sebastian Kürschner 2010 The reflection of historical language contact in present-day Dutch and SwedishLanguage Contact: New perspectives, Norde, Muriel, Bob de Jonge and Cornelius Hasselblatt (eds.), pp. 103–118 | Article
In the present study we quantitatively examine similarly constructed samples of formal spoken Swedish and Dutch in order to compare the composition of the lexicons. Results showed that Swedish has many more loans than Dutch, namely 44.4% against 27.9%. Within the Swedish loans there is a large… read more
Bezooijen, Renée van 2009 13. The pronunciation of /r/ in Frisian: A comparative study with Dutch and Town FrisianVariation in Indigenous Minority Languages, Stanford, James N. and Dennis R. Preston (eds.), pp. 299–318 | Article
West Frisian is an indigenous minority language situated in the north of the Netherlands. The majority language is Dutch. Both languages traditionally have an alveolar [r]. However, during the last century Dutch has acquired two other variants of /r/, namely uvular [r] and approximant [r]. We… read more
Bezooijen, Renée van and Charlotte Gooskens 2007 11. Interlingual text comprehension: Linguistic and extralinguistic determinantsReceptive Multilingualism: Linguistic analyses, language policies and didactic concepts, Thije, Jan D. ten and Ludger Zeevaert (eds.), pp. 249–264 | Article
The three West-Germanic languages Dutch, Frisian and Afrikaans are so closely related that they can be expected to be mutually intelligible to a large extent. In the present investigation, we established the intelligibility of written Afrikaans and Frisian by Dutch-speaking subjects. It appeared… read more
Bezooijen, Renée van and Charlotte Gooskens 2005 How easy is it for speakers of Dutch to understand Frisian and Afrikaans, and why?Linguistics in the Netherlands 2005, Doetjes, Jenny and Jeroen van de Weijer (eds.), pp. 13–24 | Article
Heuven, Vincent J. van, Renée van Bezooijen and Loulou Edelman 2005 Pronunciation of /ei/ in avant-garde Dutch: A cross-sex acoustic studyDialects Across Borders: Selected papers from the 11th International Conference on Methods in Dialectology (Methods XI), Joensuu, August 2002, Filppula, Markku, Juhani Klemola, Marjatta Palander and Esa Penttilä (eds.), pp. 185–210 | Article
Bezooijen, Renée van 2002 Aesthetic Evaluation of Dutch: Comparisons across Dialects, Accents, and LanguagesHandbook of Perceptual Dialectology: Volume 2, Long, Daniel and Dennis R. Preston (eds.), pp. 13–31 | Chapter
Bezooijen, Renée van, Suzan Kroezen and Rob van den Berg 2002 Front approximant /r/: A new and vigorous change in DutchLinguistics in the Netherlands 2002, Broekhuis, Hans and Paula Fikkert (eds.), pp. 1–11 | Article
Heuven, Vincent J. van, Loulou Edelman and Renée van Bezooijen 2002 The pronunciation of /ɛi/ by male and female speakers of avant-garde DutchLinguistics in the Netherlands 2002, Broekhuis, Hans and Paula Fikkert (eds.), pp. 61–72 | Article
Bezooijen, Renée van and Rob van den Berg 2001 Who power Polder Dutch? A perceptual-sociolinguistic study of a new variety of DutchLinguistics in the Netherlands 2001, Wouden, Ton van der and Hans Broekhuis (eds.), pp. 1–12 | Article
Bezooijen, Renée van and Johannes Ytsma 1999 Accents of DutchVariation in (Sub)standard language, Belemans, Rob and Reinhild Vandekerckhove (eds.), pp. 105–129 | Article
Abstract. This experimental study deals with the perception of regionally colored accents of Standard Dutch (from Groningen, Friesland, Limburg, Zuid-Holland, and West-Flanders) as compared to 'pure' Standard Dutch. Three different aspects were investigated: speech-based personality impression,… read more
Bezooijen, Renée van and René Kager 1999 PrefaceLinguistics in the Netherlands 1999, Bezooijen, Renée van and René Kager (eds.), p.  | Miscellaneous
Bezooijen, Renée van and Rob van den Berg 1999 Word Intelligibility of Language Varieties in the Netherlands and Flanders under Minimal ConditionsLinguistics in the Netherlands 1999, Bezooijen, Renée van and René Kager (eds.), pp. 1–12 | Article
Bezooijen, Renée van and René Kager 1998 PrefaceLinguistics in the Netherlands 1998, Bezooijen, Renée van and René Kager (eds.), p.  | Miscellaneous
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Kirsner, Robert S., Vincent J. van Heuven and Renée van Bezooijen 1994 Interaction of particle and prosody in the interpretation of factual Dutch sentencesLinguistics in the Netherlands 1994, Bok-Bennema, Reineke and Crit Cremers (eds.), pp. 107–118 | Article