Richard Kastein

List of John Benjamins publications for which Richard Kastein plays a role.


Byloo, Pieter, Richard Kastein and Jan Nuyts 2007 On certainly and zekerStructural-Functional Studies in English Grammar: In honour of Lachlan Mackenzie, Hannay, Mike and Gerard J. Steen (eds.), pp. 35–57 | Article
This contribution investigates the meanings and uses of the English and Dutch adverbs certainly and zeker. In the range of adverbial expressions of epistemic modality, the ‘strong’ adverbs (expressing ‘certainty’) clearly tend to be used in a much more ‘flexible’ way than the (relatively) weaker… read more
Byloo, Pieter, Richard Kastein and Jan Nuyts 2006 On certainly and zeker Topics in Subjectification and Modalization, Cornillie, Bert and Nicole Delbecque (eds.), pp. 45–72 | Article