James Grama

List of John Benjamins publications for which James Grama plays a role.


Grama, James, Tyler M. Heston and Melody Ann Ross 2023 Variation in the Fataluku voiced coronal (j)Asia-Pacific Language Variation 9:2, pp. 125–155 | Article
This paper represents the first variationist investigation of the voiced coronal phone (j) in Fataluku, a Papuan language of Timor-Leste. Here, we implement the Boruta algorithm at the front end of our analysis pipeline to quantify predictor importance, then use classification trees and… read more
Travis, Catherine E., James Grama and Benjamin Purser 2023 Stability and change in (ing): Ethnic and grammatical variation over time in Australian EnglishEnglish World-Wide 44:3, pp. 435–469 | Article
Work on variable (ing) has highlighted its long-term stability and shared conditioning across English varieties. Here, we ask whether similar stability and conditioning holds in Australian English over time and across ethnicity. The data come from sociolinguistic interviews with 204 Australians… read more
Ethnic and ethnolectal variation in migrant communities have received much attention, but the manifestation and longevity of this variation is not yet well understood. Capitalising on Barbara Horvath’s foundational study of social variation in Australian English, and a comparable, recent corpus… read more