Francisco Ordóñez

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Subjects Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics

Clitic and Affix Combinations: Theoretical perspectives

Edited by Lorie Heggie and Francisco Ordóñez

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 74] 2005. viii, 390 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Ordóñez, Francisco 2007 Cartography of postverbal subjects in Spanish and CatalanRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2005: Selected papers from ‘Going Romance’, Utrecht, 8–10 December 2005, Baauw, Sergio, Frank Drijkoningen and Manuela Pinto (eds.), pp. 259–280 | Article
Subjects in post-verbal position in Romance have been assumed to be in an in situ Spec VP position in many recent analyses in their V S O order (Motapayane1995, Ordóñez 1998, Costa 2000, Alexiadou & Anagnostopoulou 2001, Cardinaletti 2001). In this paper, we will give arguments for an alternative… read more
Ordóñez, Francisco and Lori Repetti 2006 Stressed Enclitics?New Perspectives on Romance Linguistics: Vol. II: Phonetics, Phonology and Dialectology, Montreuil, Jean-Pierre Y. (ed.), pp. 167–181 | Article
In this paper we have identified six Romance patterns in which the presence of enclitic pronouns affects the stress assignment of the verb. We show that previous phonological analyses of these patterns that make reference to different incorporation sites within the prosodic hierarchy or… read more
Heggie, Lorie and Francisco Ordóñez 2005 Clitic ordering phenomena: The path to generalizationsClitic and Affix Combinations: Theoretical perspectives, Heggie, Lorie and Francisco Ordóñez (eds.), pp. 1–29 | Article
Ordóñez, Francisco and Antxon Olarrea 2001 Weak Subject Pronouns in Caribbean Spanish and XP Pied-PipingFeatures and Interfaces in Romance: Essays in honor of Heles Contreras, Herschensohn, Julia, Enrique Mallén and Karen Zagona (eds.), pp. 223 ff. | Article