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Subjects Language policy | Multilingualism | Romance linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Radatz, Hans-Ingo 2023 Chapter 7. On deconstructing mood: A construction grammar approach to the Spanish subjunctiveConstructions in Spanish, Hennecke, Inga and Evelyn Wiesinger (eds.), pp. 156–192
The Spanish subjunctive has traditionally been described by some linguists as an inflection expressing mood and by others as a marker of subordination. In this contribution I will argue that both functions can be observed, but that Spanish (and Romance) subjunctives increasingly become… read more | Chapter
This article deals with the ways in which non-lexical core arguments can be expressed in various languages. It tries to devise a typological hierarchy for the different types and endeavours to place Romance within this hierarchy. An analysis of Basque verbal markers as cross-reference morphemes… read more | Article