Catherine van Beuningen

List of John Benjamins publications for which Catherine van Beuningen plays a role.



Beuningen, Catherine van, N.H. de Jong and Folkert Kuiken 2008 The Effect of Direct and Indirect Corrective Feedback on L2 Learners’ Written AccuracyLearning and Teaching L2 Writing, Weijen, Daphne van, Elke Van Steendam and Gert Rijlaarsdam (eds.), pp. 279–296 | Article
Among scholars there is disagreement on the benefits of corrective feedback on second language learners’ written output. While some researchers advocate the usefulness of corrective feedback, Truscott claims that all error correction is unnecessary, ineffective, and even harmful, in that it diverts… read more
Beuningen, Catherine van, N.H. de Jong en Folkert Kuiken 2008 Het Effect Van Correctieve Feedback Op Schrijfproducten Van Vmbo-T LeerlingenT2-verwerving: Onderzoek ontmoet onderwijsparktijk, pp. 63–74 | Article
The question if second language learners can benefit from corrective feedback has been a fiercely debated topic in the academic field for over a decade. Until now, research outcomes cannot settle this discussion since only short-term effectiveness of corrective feedback could be demonstrated. Due… read more