David Birdsong

List of John Benjamins publications for which David Birdsong plays a role.



Ultimate attainment is typically more heterogeneous among second-language (L2) learners than among native speakers (e.g. Bley-Vroman, 1990). The present study offers a suite of simple analytical procedures aimed at exploring types and loci of variability in L2 attainment vis-à-vis those in the… read more
This study critically examines the widespread practice of comparing the linguistic processes and representations of non-native speakers with those of natives. We argue that, in some respects, the method yields benefits, while in others it does not serve the interests of research into the nature of… read more
This experimental study examines the pronunciation of a group of Anglophone late learners of French as a second language. Following Flege’s SLM, recorded read-alouds of word lists are subjected to acoustical analysis at the segmental level (vowel duration and VOT). At the global level of analysis,… read more
Birdsong, David 1995 Learnability, pre-emption, domain-specificity, and the instructional value of “Master Mind”The Current State of Interlanguage: Studies in honor of William E. Rutherford, Eubank, Lynn, Larry Selinker and Michael Sharwood Smith (eds.), pp. 43 ff. | Article