Jean-Pierre Colson

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Computational Phraseology

Edited by Gloria Corpas Pastor and Jean-Pierre Colson

Subjects Computational & corpus linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Colson, Jean-Pierre 2020 Computational phraseology and translation studies: From theoretical hypotheses to practical toolsComputational Phraseology, Corpas Pastor, Gloria and Jean-Pierre Colson (eds.), pp. 65–82 | Chapter
The notion of phraseology is now used across a wide range of linguistic disciplines but it is conspicuously absent from most studies in the area of Translation Studies (e.g. Delisle, 2003; Baker and Saldanha, 2011). The paradox is that many practical difficulties encountered by translators and… read more
Corpas Pastor, Gloria and Jean-Pierre Colson 2020 IntroductionComputational Phraseology, Corpas Pastor, Gloria and Jean-Pierre Colson (eds.), pp. 1–8 | Chapter
Colson, Jean-Pierre 2018 Globalized phrases: methodological issues in computational phraseologyFraseología, Diatopía y Traducción / Phraseology, Diatopic Variation and Translation, Mogorrón Huerta, Pedro and Antonio Albaladejo-Martínez (eds.), pp. 94–110 | Chapter
Colson, Jean-Pierre 2008 12. Cross-linguistic phraseological studies: An overviewPhraseology: An interdisciplinary perspective, Granger, Sylviane and Fanny Meunier (eds.), pp. 191–206 | Article
Cross-linguistic research on phraseology covers a wide range of challenging topics, from the simple comparison of idioms or metaphors in two languages, to the systematic contrastive study of all categories of set phrases across different languages. Current research demonstrates that phraseology in… read more