Giulia Bossaglia

List of John Benjamins publications for which Giulia Bossaglia plays a role.


Bossaglia, Giulia, Heliana Mello and Tommaso Raso 2020 Chapter 7. Illocution as a unit of reference for spontaneous speech: An account of insubordinated adverbial clauses in Brazilian PortugueseIn Search of Basic Units of Spoken Language: A corpus-driven approach, Izre'el, Shlomo, Heliana Mello, Alessandro Panunzi and Tommaso Raso (eds.), pp. 221–256 | Chapter
In this paper we propose a synchronic, corpus-based account of insubordination, through the analysis of adverbial clauses in Brazilian Portuguese spontaneous speech at the syntax/prosody interface. The segmentation of the speech flow through prosodic cues is crucial to analyse linguistic and,… read more