Ingrid Piller

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Linguistic Diversity and Social Inclusion in Australia

Edited by Ingrid Piller

Special issue of Australian Review of Applied Linguistics 37:3 (2014) 99 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Language acquisition | Language policy | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Pragmatics | Translation Studies | Writing and literacy
Subjects Discourse studies | Multilingualism | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Piller, Ingrid 2014 Editorial: Linguistic diversity and social inclusion in AustraliaLinguistic Diversity and Social Inclusion in Australia, Piller, Ingrid (ed.), pp. 190–197 | Miscellaneous
This editorial introduction orients the reader to current public debates and the state of research with regard to the intersection of linguistic diversity and social inclusion in contemporary Australia. These are characterised by a persistent lack of attention to the consequences of linguistic… read more
Piller, Ingrid 1999 Iconicity in Brand NamesForm Miming Meaning, Nänny, Max and Olga Fischer (eds.), pp. 325 ff. | Article