Christer Platzack

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Approaches to Hungarian: Volume 13: Papers from the 2011 Lund conference

Edited by Johan Brandtler, Valéria Molnár and Christer Platzack

[Approaches to Hungarian, 13] 2013. v, 254 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Uralic languages

The Acquisition of Swedish Grammar

Edited by Gunlög Josefsson, Christer Platzack and Gisela Håkansson

Subjects Generative linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Language acquisition | Syntax


Platzack, Christer 2013 Spurious topic drop in SwedishIn Search of Universal Grammar: From Old Norse to Zoque, Lohndal, Terje (ed.), pp. 27–50 | Article
Like English, Swedish is a language with obligatory subjects in finite clauses. One of the exceptions to the rule that the subject must be pronounced is found when the subject is Topic dropped from sentence initial position, resulting in a V1 declarative with no visible subject. Since Topic drop in… read more
Platzack, Christer 2012 Cross Germanic variation in the realm of support verbsComparative Germanic Syntax: The state of the art, Ackema, Peter, Rhona Alcorn, Caroline Heycock, Dany Jaspers, Jeroen van Craenenbroeck and Guido Vanden Wyngaerd (eds.), pp. 279–310 | Article
This paper investigates the cross Germanic variation found in the use of support verbs in connection with VP Topicalization, VP Ellipsis and VP Pronominalization. The differences between Swedish and English are highlighted, but Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic and German are also considered. In this… read more
Platzack, Christer 2008 Left Branch Extraction of nominal modifiers in Old ScandinavianGrammatical Change and Linguistic Theory: The Rosendal papers, Eythórsson, Thórhallur (ed.), pp. 357–374 | Article
Platzack, Christer 2007 Embedded imperativesImperative Clauses in Generative Grammar: Studies in honour of Frits Beukema, Wurff, Wim van der (ed.), pp. 181–203 | Article
Embedded imperatives are found in Old Scandinavian, but not in any of its modern descendants, i.e. Danish, Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian or Swedish. This paper aims to uncover the structural prerequisites for embedded imperatives to be possible in a language. Assuming a feature-driven version of… read more
Josefsson, Gunlög and Christer Platzack 2004 IntroductionThe Acquisition of Swedish Grammar, Josefsson, Gunlög, Christer Platzack and Gisela Håkansson (eds.), pp. 1–21 | Article
Platzack, Christer 2004 The Verb PhraseThe Acquisition of Swedish Grammar, Josefsson, Gunlög, Christer Platzack and Gisela Håkansson (eds.), pp. 135–154 | Article
Platzack, Christer 2000 A Complement-of-N0 Account of Restrictive and Non-Restrictive Relatives: The case of SwedishThe Syntax of Relative Clauses, Alexiadou, Artemis, Paul Law, André Meinunger and Chris Wilder (eds.), pp. 265 ff. | Article