Almike Vázquez-Lozares

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We discuss the ungrammaticality of Spanish impersonal se (Impse) in combination with another se in control structures. Our main goal is to critically evaluate Martins & Nunes’s (2017) account of parallel phenomena in European Portuguese, who, adopting a movement theory of control, claim that… read more
I propose a deletion analysis for null D(irect) O(bject)s in the Spanish of the Basque Country, based on a D(efiniteness)-feature on DO clitics and on Basque-Spanish v. When the DO clitic has a D-feature, as is the case with lo(s)/la(s), its features form a proper subset of the features of v,… read more
MacDonald, Jonathan E. and Almike Vázquez-Lozares 2021 Chapter 7. Spanish impersonal se in control infinitivals and the ungrammaticality of se se sequencesEast and West of The Pentacrest: Linguistic studies in honor of Paula Kempchinsky, Gupton, Timothy and Elizabeth Gielau (eds.), pp. 135–156 | Chapter
In this paper, we offer an analysis of impersonal se (Impse) constructions in control infinitivals. We claim that se itself spells out the valued version of the [uD] feature that Holmberg (2010) and Roberts (2010) propose is a property of T in consistent null subject languages. As a corollary, we… read more