John C.L. Ingram

List of John Benjamins publications for which John C.L. Ingram plays a role.


This paper presents data from a longitudinal study of Vietnamese refugee families acquiring Australian-English. Specifically, the paper is concerned with Vietnamese acquiring proficiency with vowels. It documents the progress made by four members of a Vietnamese family across their first year in… read more
Ingram, John C.L. 1980 10. Perceptual dimensions of phonemic recognition.Experimental Linguistics: Integration of theories and applications, Prideaux, Gary D., Bruce L. Derwing and Will Baker (eds.), pp. 273–291 | Article
In order to isolate the major perceptual dimensions involved in the recognition of selected English consonants, four experiments were conducted. The first experiment attempted to characterize the nature of the perceptual space for English consonants, while the second was a replication and extension… read more