Nanda Poulisse

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nanda Poulisse plays a role.


Subjects Language acquisition | Multilingualism


Hest, Erna van, Nanda Poulisse and Theo Bongaerts 1997 Self-Repair in L1 and L2 Production: an OverviewITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics 117/118, pp. 85–115 | Article
In this article we will give an overview of the findings of L1 and L2 self-repair studies to date. A comparison between L1 and L2 self-repair research shows that, while L1 studies are firmly based in theory, most L2 studies are not. In order to contribute to theories and models of L2 production… read more
Poulisse, Nanda 1996 Models of Second Language ProductionEUROSLA 6: A selection of papers, pp. 151–159 | Article
The article discusses to what extent bilingual models of speech production can account for the fact that L2 speakers are generally, but not always, able to select LI words when speaking the LI and L2 words when speaking the L2. After a brief discussion of word selection in monolingual models of… read more
Poulisse, Nanda en Bert Weltens 1994 Taalproduktie: Een Woord VoorafTaalproduktie, pp. 5–6 | Article
Poulisse, Nanda 1993 A Theoretical Account of Lexical Communication StrategiesThe Bilingual Lexicon, Schreuder, Robert and Bert Weltens (eds.), pp. 157 ff. | Article
The article reports the results of a four-year project on the use of compensatory strategies (CpS) by Dutch learners of English at three different proficiency levels. As expected, the number of CpS used by foreign language (L2) learners was inversely related to their L2 proficiency level. The type… read more
This paper deals with the procedures followed to identify the strategies in the Nijmegen project on the use of compensatory strategies by Dutch learners of English. The project aims to shed light on the relationship between foreign language proficiency level and compensatory strategy (CpS) use. For… read more