Ekaterina Protassova

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ekaterina Protassova plays a role.


Gagarina, Natalia, Sveta Fichman, Elena Galkina, Ekaterina Protassova, Natalia Ringblom and Yulia Rodina 2021 How oral texts are organized in monolingual and heritage Russian: Evidence from six countriesLanguage Impairment in Multilingual Settings: LITMUS in action across Europe, Armon-Lotem, Sharon and Kleanthes K. Grohmann (eds.), pp. 47–76 | Chapter
The present study examines narrative macrostructure, measured as Story Structure (SS) and Story Complexity (SC), in bilinguals speaking Russian as their home/heritage language (L1) and exposed to different societal languages (L2), while focusing on the effects of different L2s, bilingualism, and… read more
Meng, Katharina and Ekaterina Protassova 2017 Chapter 6. Young Russian-German adults 20 years after their repatriation to GermanyIntegration, Identity and Language Maintenance in Young Immigrants: Russian Germans or German Russians, Isurin, Ludmila and Claudia Maria Riehl (eds.), pp. 159–196 | Chapter
Abstract This study investigates the interrelations between bilingual development (­German/Russian), immigration and integration in the host society. Participants are Russian-Germans, that is, ethnic Germans who have repatriated to Germany from the former Soviet Union. They were… read more
Protassova, Ekaterina and Maria D. Voeikova 2007 2. Diminutives in Russian at the early stages of acquisitionThe Acquisition of Diminutives: A cross-linguistic perspective, Savickienė, Ineta and Wolfgang U. Dressler (eds.), pp. 43–72 | Chapter
Two Russian children, a boy and a girl, were observed during the first steps of their use of diminutives. Having a different language proficiency and strategy of learning, the children under observation demonstrated a clear difference in the acquisition of diminutives: the early speaking girl Varja… read more