Regina Pustet

List of John Benjamins publications for which Regina Pustet plays a role.


Pustet, Regina 2015 The syntax of temperature predicationsThe Linguistics of Temperature, Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Maria (ed.), pp. 889–916 | Article
The syntactic structures encountered in clauses containing temperature concepts tend to differ from the ones employed in standard intransitive clause types. These constructions are remarkable not only because of their unusual internal makeup, but also because of the great variety in syntactic… read more
Pustet, Regina 2008 Discourse frequency and the collapse of the adposition vs. affix distinction in LakotaTheoretical and Empirical Issues in Grammaticalization, Seoane, Elena and María José López-Couso (eds.), pp. 269–292 | Article
Pustet, Regina 2008 The Lakota aspect/modality markers -kinica and tkháModality–Aspect Interfaces: Implications and typological solutions, Abraham, Werner and Elisabeth Leiss (eds.), pp. 331–355 | Article
Developments of aspectual out of modal grammemes do not appear to be sufficiently documented in the extant literature on grammaticalization. The Native American language Lakota is equipped with two grammatical elements which encode both aspectual and modal concepts: -kinica ‘‘proximative,… read more
Pustet, Regina, Juliana Wijaya and Than Than Win 2006 Progressives in typological perspectiveLanguages in Contrast 6:2, pp. 177–227 | Article
The category of progressive is known for the notorious difficulties of definition it poses not only within individual languages, but for general theories of aspect as well. A particularly challenging problem is the fact that in any one language, there seem to be lexemes that block progressive… read more
Pustet, Regina 2005 On discourse frequency, grammar, and grammaticalizationLinguistic Diversity and Language Theories, Frajzyngier, Zygmunt, Adam Hodges and David S. Rood (eds.), pp. 143–168 | Article
Pustet, Regina 2002 Copulas in Sgaw KarenStudies in Language 26:3, pp. 595–612 | Article
Many languages have copula systems involving more than one copula. In such languages, the functional scopes of the participating copulas vary. This kind of typological variation has not yet been studied in great detail. In Sgaw Karen, three copulas exist, and the functional differences among these… read more
Pustet, Regina 2000 Echo Pronominalization and Complementation in LakotaStudies in Language 24:1, pp. 137–170 | Article
The functional domain of complementation breeds a vast spectrum of construction types. This structural diversification concerns, among other things, the coding of the notional subject of the complement clause. One coding option which invites further study within the functional-typological framework… read more