Hugo Quené

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hugo Quené plays a role.


Doel, Rias van den and Hugo Quené 2013 The endonormative standards of European English: Emerging or elusive?English World-Wide 34:1, pp. 77–98 | Article
It has been asserted that a common European variety of English is currently emerging. This so-called “European English” is claimed to be the result of convergence among non-native English speakers, and to reflect a gradual abandonment of Inner Circle norms, which are deemed to be increasingly… read more
Quené, Hugo 2010 Chapter 13. How to design and analyze language acquisition studiesExperimental Methods in Language Acquisition Research, Blom, Elma and Sharon Unsworth (eds.), pp. 269–284 | Chapter
Martens, Luc and Hugo Quené 1994 Degemination of Dutch Fricatives in Three Different Speech RatesLinguistics in the Netherlands 1994, Bok-Bennema, Reineke and Crit Cremers (eds.), pp. 119–126 | Article
Quené, Hugo 1989 Sprekende ComputersComputer-ondersteund talenonderwijs, pp. 89–94 | Article
Text-to-speech systems generally consist of two components. The first one converts the input text to an abstract, linguistically relevant, representation. Usually, this is a phoneme representation of the input text, with markers for (word, morpheme, syllable) boundaries, word stress, and sentence… read more