Kanavillil Rajagopalan

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Applied Linguistics in Latin America. AILA Review, Volume 18

Edited by Kanavillil Rajagopalan

[AILA Review, 18] 2005. 100 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics


Rajagopalan, Kanavillil 2005 IntroductionApplied Linguistics in Latin America, Rajagopalan, Kanavillil (ed.), pp. 1–2 | Article
Rajagopalan, Kanavillil 2005 Language politics in Latin AmericaApplied Linguistics in Latin America, Rajagopalan, Kanavillil (ed.), pp. 76–93 | Article
This paper is an attempt to take stock of the politics of language as it has been playing out in Latin America, ever since the countries in this region were colonized by European powers, mainly Spain and Portugal. Linguistic imperialism is by no means a new phenomenon in this part of the world. In… read more
This paper focuses on what appears to be the emergence of linguistic chauvinism in Brazil. Large-scale influx currently under way of foreign words (mostly from English) into the country’s national language, Portuguese, is being eyed with suspicion and distrust by large segments of the population.… read more
Rajagopalan, Kanavillil 1999 Román Alvarez and M. Carmen-África Vidal (eds.) Translation, Power, SubversionBabel 45:4, pp. 374–377 | Article
Rajagopalan, Kanavillil 1998 Lawrence Venuti: The Translator's InvisibilityBabel 44:4, pp. 362–365 | Miscellaneous
Rajagopalan, Kanavillil 1997 Douglas Robinson: Translation and Ta-booBabel 43:4, pp. 365–368 | Miscellaneous