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Linguistic Categories, Language Description and Linguistic Typology

Edited by Luca Alfieri, Giorgio Francesco Arcodia and Paolo Ramat

[Typological Studies in Language, 132] 2021. vi, 424 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology
Subjects Contact Linguistics | Historical linguistics | Typology

The History of Linguistics in Italy

Edited by Paolo Ramat, Hans-Josef Niederehe and E.F.K. Koerner †

Subjects History of linguistics


Alfieri, Luca, Giorgio Francesco Arcodia and Paolo Ramat 2021 Chapter 1. Linguistic categories, language description and linguistic typology – An overviewLinguistic Categories, Language Description and Linguistic Typology, Alfieri, Luca, Giorgio Francesco Arcodia and Paolo Ramat (eds.), pp. 1–34 | Chapter
In this paper we propose a critical discussion of the rationale for this volume. After a short introduction (Section 1), an outline of the long-standing opposition between language particular description and universal grammar in the history of the language sciences is provided (Section 2). This… read more
Fedriani, Chiara, Gianguido Manzelli and Paolo Ramat 2013 Gradualness in contact-induced constructional replication: The Abstract Possession construction in the Circum-Mediterranean areaSynchrony and Diachrony: A dynamic interface, Giacalone Ramat, Anna, Caterina Mauri and Piera Molinelli (eds.), pp. 391–418 | Article
It is widely appreciated that the linguistic category of possession does not reduce to any single, familiar value, such as ownership. A moment’s thought reveals the extraordinary variety of the relationships coded by possessive constructions. (Langacker 1991: 169)In this paper we investigate the… read more
Ramat, Paolo 2007 ForewordEurope and the Mediterranean as Linguistic Areas: Convergencies from a historical and typological perspective, Ramat, Paolo and Elisa Roma (eds.), pp. ix–xxv | Miscellaneous
Ramat, Paolo 1989 The Balkanic Linguistic TypeNOWELE Volume 13 (April 1989), pp. 21–40 | Article
Ramat, Paolo 1986 Giacomo Devoto (1898-1974) The man and his workThe History of Linguistics in Italy, Ramat, Paolo, Hans-Josef Niederehe and E.F.K. Koerner † (eds.), pp. 301 ff. | Article
The paper essays to give a brief survey of the imposing and complex work of Giacomo Devoto (1897–1974), with particular emphasis on its principal traits seen both from the point of view of the history of linguistics and its scientific significance. Especial attention is drawn first of all to… read more
Ramat, Paolo 1982 PrefaceHistoriographia Linguistica 9:3, pp. 233–235 | To be specified
The author aims to show that Friedrich Engels’ linguistic researches, especially in his Der fränkische Dialekt, are to be considered within the same theoretical framework of historic materialism which underlies his more comprehensive studies on the history of primitive peoples, such as the… read more