Louise J. Ravelli

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Grammatical Metaphor: Views from systemic functional linguistics

Edited by Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen, Miriam Taverniers and Louise J. Ravelli

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 236] 2003. vi, 453 pp.
Subjects Functional linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


While many aspects of disciplinary communication have been effectively illuminated by systemic functional linguistics, the ‘multimodal’ turn of communication requires some rethinking of old frameworks. In academic disciplines such as History, recent epistemological changes further highlight this… read more
Ravelli, Louise J. and Sue Starfield 2008 Typography and disciplinary identity in academic writingInformation Design Journal 16:2, pp. 133–147 | Article
This paper examines the potential significance of typographic variation in the front pages of a corpus of Humanities and Social Sciences doctoral theses. Some account is taken of the linguistic content of these pages, but the primary focus is on typographic resources such as font choice, salience,… read more
Ravelli, Louise J. 2003 Renewal of connection: Intergrating theory and practice in an understanding of grammatical metaphorGrammatical Metaphor: Views from systemic functional linguistics, Simon-Vandenbergen, Anne-Marie, Miriam Taverniers and Louise J. Ravelli (eds.), pp. 37–64 | Article
Ravelli, Louise J. 1998 The consequences of choice: Discursive positioning in an art institutionLinguistic Choice across Genres: Variation in spoken and written English, Sánchez-Macarro, Antonia and Ronald Carter (eds.), pp. 137 ff. | Article