Ger P. Reesink

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Subjects Functional linguistics | Languages of Trans-New Guinea | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics


Reesink, Ger P. 2014 Topic management and clause combination in the Papuan language UsanInformation Structure and Reference Tracking in Complex Sentences, Gijn, Rik van, Jeremy Hammond, Dejan Matić, Saskia van Putten and Ana Vilacy Galucio (eds.), pp. 231–262 | Article
This chapter describes topic management in the Papuan language Usan. The notion of ‘topic’ is defined by its pre-theoretical meaning ‘what someone’s speech is about’. This notion cannot be restricted to simple clausal or sentential constructions, but requires the wider context of long stretches of… read more
Klamer, Marian A.F., Ger P. Reesink and Mirjam van Staden 2008 3. East Nusantara as a linguistic areaFrom Linguistic Areas to Areal Linguistics, Muysken, Pieter (ed.), pp. 95–149 | Article
In this paper we consider how Eastern Indonesia may be treated as a linguistic area. We propose five defining linguistic features and we discuss their occurrence in some 40 Austronesian (AN) and non-Austronesian (NAN) languages of South Sulawesi, Flores, Sumba, Timor, Alor and Pantar, the Moluccas,… read more
Reesink, Ger P. 2008 Lexicon and syntax from an emic viewpointStudies in Language 32:4, pp. 866–893 | Article
Each language has its own limited inventory of constructions from which speakers have to choose when they want to communicate their conceptualizations. This paper discusses a highly productive complex figure construction (Croft 2001:326) in the Papuan language Moi, which requires a number of… read more
Negation in a number of Austronesian and Papuan languages with SVO order is expressed by a rather rigid clause-final position of the negative adverb. Some typological generalizations for negation are reviewed and the distribution of this trait in languages of different stocks is discussed, arguing… read more
Reesink, Ger P. 1983 Switch Reference and Topicality HierarchiesStudies in Language 7:2, pp. 215–246 | Article