Elitzur Dattner

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Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Theoretical linguistics


Berman, Ruth A. and Elitzur Dattner 2020 IntroductionUsage-Based Studies in Modern Hebrew: Background, Morpho-lexicon, and Syntax, Berman, Ruth A. (ed.), pp. 1–16 | Chapter
Levie, Ronit, Elitzur Dattner, Racheli Zwilling, Hadas Rosenstein, Shirly Eitan Stanzas and Dorit Ravid 2019 Complexity and density of Hebrew verbs in preschool peer talk: The effect of socio-economic backgroundWhat is a verb? – Linguistic, psycholinguistic and developmental perspectives on verbs in Germanic and Semitic languages, Smolka, Eva and Dorit Ravid (eds.), pp. 237–273 | Article
Hebrew verbs were analyzed in the peer talk produced by 36 Hebrew-speaking children in two age/schooling groups (4;0–5;0 and 5;0–6;0 years), and from two socio-economic backgrounds (SES), mid-high and low. Each of the four age/SES groups consisted of nine children in three triads, where each… read more
Ariel, Mira, Elitzur Dattner, John W. Du Bois and Tal Linzen 2015 Pronominal datives: The royal road to argument statusStudies in Language 39:2, pp. 257–321 | Article
Based on a large corpus of dative constructions in Hebrew, we propose that dative-marked pronominals manifest a facilitated path from adjunct to argument. Since datives tend to be pronominal, adding them onto existing argument structures avoids a clash with the Preferred Argument Structure (PAS)… read more
Three-Argument Dative constructions in Hebrew include two sub constructions, each with a specific form-meaning correlation, a specific usage pattern, and a particular discursive context. Syntactically, the two sub-constructions differ in that the THEME argument can be either (i) a noun phrase, or… read more
Ravid, Dorit, Amalia Bar-On and Elitzur Dattner 2013 Linguistics in the service of communication disorders: New frontiersApplications in Applied Linguistics: AILA Review, Volume 26, Knapp, Karlfried (ed.), pp. 79–99 | Article
Linguistics and Communication Disorders are considered two different disciplines by most students and scholars in both fields as well as by researchers working in other relevant fields such as psychology and education. However, most core disorders, disabilities and delays in communicative ability… read more