Lori Repetti

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Subjects Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Phonology | Romance linguistics


Repetti, Lori 2016 The phonology of postverbal pronouns in Romance languagesRomance Linguistics 2013: Selected papers from the 43rd Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), New York, 17-19 April, 2013, Tortora, Christina, Marcel den Dikken, Ignacio L. Montoya and Teresa O'Neill (eds.), pp. 361–378 | Article
In many Romance varieties, the verb in imperative verb + (postverbal) pronoun phrases retains primary stress: Italian/Spanish: [kómpra]/[kómpra-melo] ‘buy!’/‘buy me it!’. However, in others varieties, stress in these phrases may be realized on a different syllable: [kompra-meló], [kompra-mélo],… read more
Cardinaletti, Anna and Lori Repetti 2010 Functional vowels in main questions in Northern Italian dialectsRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2008: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Groningen 2008, Bok-Bennema, Reineke, Brigitte Kampers-Manhe and Bart Hollebrandse (eds.), pp. 37–58 | Article
The goal of this paper is to describe the distribution and to explain the nature of the vowels that appear in preverbal position in main questions in many Northern Italian dialects. We use data primarily from the town of Donceto in the province of Piacenza, as well as data from many other Northern… read more
In this paper, we discuss preverbal vocalic segments in interrogative and declarative sentences. Their distribution depends on the type of subject (1sg, 1pl, 2pl vs 2sg, 3sg, 3pl), the presence of other preverbal clitics, and the verb tense (present vs present perfect). We show that two different… read more
Repetti, Lori 2009 Gemination in English loans in American varieties of ItalianLoan Phonology, Calabrese, Andrea and W. Leo Wetzels (eds.), pp. 225–240 | Article
Why do geminate consonants frequently appear in borrowed words when the foreign form does not contain a geminate? In this paper I review previous approaches to this problem, and suggest that they are insufficient in accounting for consonant length contrasts in English loan words in North American… read more
Ordóñez, Francisco and Lori Repetti 2006 Stressed Enclitics?New Perspectives on Romance Linguistics: Vol. II: Phonetics, Phonology and Dialectology, Montreuil, Jean-Pierre Y. (ed.), pp. 167–181 | Article
In this paper we have identified six Romance patterns in which the presence of enclitic pronouns affects the stress assignment of the verb. We show that previous phonological analyses of these patterns that make reference to different incorporation sites within the prosodic hierarchy or… read more
Repetti, Lori 2006 The Emergence of Marked Structures in the Integration of Loans in ItalianHistorical Romance Linguistics: Retrospective and perspectives, Gess, Randall and Deborah Arteaga (eds.), pp. 209 ff. | Article
Repetti, Lori 2000 Phonological Theory and the Dialects of ItalyPhonological Theory and the Dialects of Italy, Repetti, Lori (ed.), pp. 1 ff. | Article