Kay P. Richardson

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kay P. Richardson plays a role.


Richardson, Kay P. 2018 Spelling-gate: Politics, propriety and powerJournal of Language and Politics 17:6, pp. 812–830 | Article
Back in 2009, the Labour British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was attacked for “bad spelling” in a condolence letter written personally by him to the mother of a soldier who died in combat, and publicised by The Sun newspaper. “Spelling” here acts as a leveller of hierarchical differences in the… read more
Richardson, Kay P. 2017 Dialogue and character in 21st century TV drama: The case of ‘Sherlock Holmes’Dialogue across Media, Mildorf, Jarmila and Bronwen Thomas (eds.), pp. 37–54 | Article
The successful British-made TV drama series Sherlock (BBC 2011-present) is one of the latest in a long sequence of dramatisations of the Victorian short stories and novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This chapter discusses some passages of dialogue from the first episode of this series,… read more
The language of press and television news reportage is familiar territory for critical discourse analysis and other approaches to politics in the mass media (e.g., Kelly-Holmes and O’Regan, 2004, Chouliaraki 2005), as is that of newspaper editorials (e.g. Le 2003). But, in sympathy with, e.g., van… read more
Richardson, Kay P. 1998 Translating the Transition: What is the Russian for ‘Perestroika’?Political Discourse in Transition in Europe 1989–1991, Chilton, Paul, Mikhail V. Ilyin and Jacob L. Mey (eds.), pp. 173 ff. | Article