Yves Roberge

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Subjects Generative linguistics | Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Pérez Leroux, Ana T., Yves Roberge, Diane Massam, Susana Béjar and Anny Castilla-Earls 2024 Chapter 10. Varieties of DP recursion: Syntax, semantics, and acquisitionPerspectives on Input, Evidence, and Exposure in Language Acquisition: Studies in honour of Susanne E. Carroll, Hracs, Lindsay (ed.), pp. 245–266 | Chapter
Our objective is to shed light on recursion through an exploration of the L1 development of four DP structures in English. Since recursion is in narrow syntax, there is no reason to expect asymmetries between constructions but specific formal differences between structures might make acquisition… read more
Pérez-Leroux, Ana Teresa, Mihaela Pirvulescu, Yves Roberge and Nelleke Strik 2017 Clitics as input to the acquisition of verbal transitivity in FrenchTransitivity and Valency: From theory to acquisition, Fotiadou, Georgia and Hélène Vassiliadou (eds.), pp. 117–133 | Article
We investigate the effect of French clitic construction on verb learning. In French, object pronouns precede the verb, and the canonical direct object position remains empty. We test whether children treat such contexts as input for transitivity (since a direct object is morphologically… read more
Pirvulescu, Mihaela, Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux and Yves Roberge 2012 A bidirectional study of object omissions in French-English bilingualsMultilingual Individuals and Multilingual Societies, Braunmüller, Kurt and Christoph Gabriel (eds.), pp. 171–188 | Article
A common assumption in the field of bilingual acquisition is that while bilinguals might have separate language representations, the languages can also influence one another. Previous studies on object (clitic) omission consider a combination of null argument and non-null argument languages, and… read more
Pérez-Leroux, Ana Teresa, Mihaela Pirvulescu and Yves Roberge 2006 Early Object Omission in Child French and EnglishNew Perspectives on Romance Linguistics: Vol. I: Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics, Nishida, Chiyo and Jean-Pierre Y. Montreuil (eds.), pp. 213 ff. | Article
We examine the syntactic nature of object omissions in child language with a study comparing French and English-speaking children’s elicited production. We adopt a theoretical approach to transitivity where interactions between modules of the grammar create a rich and flexible system of null… read more
Roberge, Yves 1999 Quaint agreement and the theory of spell-outSemantic Issues in Romance Syntax, Treviño, Esthela and José Lema (eds.), pp. 231 ff. | Article
Massam, Diane and Yves Roberge 1997 Operator-bound clitics and Niuean aiClitics, Pronouns and Movement, Black, James R. and Virginia Motapanyane (eds.), pp. 273 ff. | Article