Paul Russell

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Subjects Celtic languages | History of linguistics | Medieval linguistics | Medieval literature & literary studies


All the medieval versions of Gramadegau Penceirddiaid, the Welsh bardic grammars, end with a set of trioedd cerdd “poetical triads” which can be seen not only as a contribution to grammatical thinking within the texts, but also as part of the wider tradition of triadic structuring of knowledge in… read more
This chapter takes three glossed texts emanating from early medieval Wales and considers the contribution the glossing makes to the educational utility of the texts. By a happy chance, texts have survived which arguably illustrate three distinct stages in the learning of Latin – from the early… read more
Russell, Paul 1999 Moth, toth, traeth: Sex, gender and the early Irish grammarianHistory of Linguistics 1996: Volume 1: Traditions in Linguistics Worldwide, Cram, David, Andrew R. Linn and Elke Nowak (eds.), pp. 203 ff. | Chapter