Laurent Sagart

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The Roots of Old Chinese

Laurent Sagart

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 184] 1999. xi, 255 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Morphology | Sino-Tibetan languages


Baxter, William H. and Laurent Sagart 2017 Old Chinese reconstruction: A response to SchuesslerDiachronica 34:4, pp. 559–576 | Reply
Garnier, Romain, Laurent Sagart and Benoît Sagot 2017 Chapter 13. Milk and the Indo-EuropeansLanguage Dispersal Beyond Farming, Robbeets, Martine and Alexander Savelyev (eds.), pp. 291–311 | Chapter
Recent evidence from archaeology and ancient DNA converge to indicate that the Yamnaya culture, often regarded as the bearer of the Proto-Indo-European language, underwent a strong population expansion in the late 4th and early 3rd millennia BCE. It suggests that the underlying reason for that… read more
Yeon-Ju, Lee and Laurent Sagart 2008 No limits to borrowing: The case of Bai and ChineseDiachronica 25:3, pp. 357–385 | Article
Based on the large amount of Chinese-related basic vocabulary in Bai, scholars like Benedict, Starostin and Zhengzhang have claimed a special phylogenetic proximity between Bai and Chinese. In this paper we show that the Chinese vocabulary in Bai is stratified, forming successive layers of… read more
Sagart, Laurent 1993 New Views on Old Chinese PhonologyDiachronica 10:2, pp. 237–260 | Article