Françoise Salager-Meyer

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Alcaraz Ariza, María Ángeles y Françoise Salager-Meyer 2005 Las reseñas de libros en español: Estudio retórico y diacrónicoSpanish in Context 2:1, pp. 29–49 | Article
En este estudio hemos analizado las valoraciones críticas en una muestra de 100 reseñas de libros de medicina, publicadas en revistas médicas españolas, tanto en la última década del siglo XIX como del siglo XX. Hemos registrado todos los comentarios negativos y los hemos dividido en dos categorías… read more
Salager-Meyer, Françoise 2005 Criticism under scrutiny: A diachronic and cross-cultural outlook on academic conflict (1810–1995)Opening Windows on Texts and Discourses of the Past, Skaffari, Janne, Matti Peikola, Ruth Carroll, Risto Hiltunen and Brita Wårvik (eds.), pp. 143–160 | Article
In this paper, I specifically address the issue of the linguistic realisations of criticism in French, Spanish and English medical discourse written in the 19th and 20th centuries, the reasons why 19th century criticism was linguistically conveyed in a strikingly similar fashion in the three… read more
This paper investigates the evolution of the linguistic means used by scientists to convey academic conflict in French and English medical discourse. The 185-year span studied (1810–1995) was divided into nine 20-year periods. The rhetorical strategies expressing academic conflicts were recorded… read more