Gillian Sankoff

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gillian Sankoff plays a role.



Sankoff, Gillian 2021 A local history of Tok Pisin : Language contact in Papua New GuineaVariation Rolls the Dice: A worldwide collage in honour of Salikoko S. Mufwene, Aboh, Enoch O. and Cécile B. Vigouroux (eds.), pp. 57–80 | Chapter
Research on language contact in Papua New Guinea beginning in the mid 1960s, prior to national independence, revealed linguistic micro-evolution as constrained by society, culture, and people’s relationships “on the ground”. Among speakers of Buang, most men and women under 40 were already fluent… read more
Sankoff, Gillian 2015 The speech community as a social factAsia-Pacific Language Variation 1:1, pp. 23–51 | Article
Marrying Durkheim’s definition of the social fact (1895) with Gumperz’ classic framework for studying the speech community (1968), the paper argues that these concepts are crucial to the 21st century sociolinguistic enterprise. It explores the basic dimensions of variation across speech… read more
Sankoff, Gillian 1994 Roger M. Keesing May 16, 1935 - May 7, 1993Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 9:2, pp. 315–327 | Miscellaneous
Sankoff, Gillian 1991 Using the Future o Explain the PastDevelopment and Structures of Creole Languages: Essays in honor of Derek Bickerton, Byrne, Francis and Thom Huebner (eds.), pp. 61 ff. | Article
Sankoff, Gillian and Claudia Mazzie 1991 Determining Noun Phrases in Tok PisinJournal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 6:1, pp. 1–24 | Article
It is well known that since neither the inflectional morphemes nor most of the closed-class items of the lexifier language survive in pidgins, grammatical distinctions are not obligatorily marked. We thus find a large number of unmodified nouns and verbs. As pidgins are elaborated, processes of… read more