Thomas Schmidt

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Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis

Edited by Thomas Schmidt and Kai Wörner

[Hamburg Studies on Multilingualism, 14] 2012. xiii, 407 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Corpus linguistics | Multilingualism


This paper presents practices in the compilation of FOLK, the Research and Teaching Corpus of Spoken German, a large collection of spontaneous verbal interaction from diverse discourse domains. After introducing the aims and organisational circumstances of the construction of FOLK, the general idea… read more
Angermeyer, Philipp, Bernd Meyer and Thomas Schmidt 2012 Sharing community interpreting corpora: A pilot studyMultilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis, Schmidt, Thomas and Kai Wörner (eds.), pp. 275–294 | Article
This article presents results of a project which looks into new ways of publishing and sharing community interpreting corpora. Section 2 introduces CoPilot, a pilot database containing material from two corpora of interpreted doctor-­patient communications and one corpus of interpreted court… read more
Hedeland, Hanna and Thomas Schmidt 2012 Technological and methodological challenges in creating, annotating and sharing a learner corpus of spoken GermanMultilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis, Schmidt, Thomas and Kai Wörner (eds.), pp. 25–46 | Article
This article discusses questions concerning the creation, annotation and sharing of spoken language corpora. We use the Hamburg Map Task Corpus (HAMATAC), a small corpus in which advanced learners of German were recorded solving a map task, as an example to illustrate our main points. We first give… read more
House, Juliane, Bernd Meyer and Thomas Schmidt 2012 CoSi – A Corpus of Consecutive and Simultaneous InterpretingMultilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis, Schmidt, Thomas and Kai Wörner (eds.), pp. 295–304 | Article
This paper describes how to access and use a corpus of comparable consecutive and simultaneous interpreting (Brazilian Portuguese and German). The corpus is available free of charge. Our aim is to stimulate discussions on the use and the accessibility of corpora in interpreting studies, and, more… read more
Schmidt, Thomas and Kai Wörner 2012 IntroductionMultilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis, Schmidt, Thomas and Kai Wörner (eds.), pp. xi–xiii | Miscellaneous
This paper presents EXMARaLDA, a system for the computer-assisted creation and analysis of spoken language corpora. The first part contains some general observations about technological and methodological requirements for doing corpus-based pragmatics. The second part explains the system’s… read more
Baumgarten, Nicole, Annette Herkenrath, Thomas Schmidt, Kai Wörner and Ludger Zeevaert 2007 Studying connectivity with the help of computer-readable corpora: Some exemplary analyses from modern and historical, written and spoken corporaConnectivity in Grammar and Discourse, Rehbein, Jochen, Christiane Hohenstein and Lukas Pietsch (eds.), pp. 259–289 | Article
This paper discusses methodological aspects of the use of electronic language corpora for the study of connectivity. We demonstrate how a corpus-based approach was used to investigate functional characteristics of coordinating elements in sentence- or utterance-initial position across different… read more