Norbert Schmitt

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Subjects Language acquisition | Language teaching


Many scholars believe that collocations are difficult to learn and use by L2 learners. However, some research suggests that learners often know more collocations than commonly thought. This study tested 108 Spanish learners of English to measure their productive knowledge of 50 collocations, which… read more
In most tests of vocabulary size, knowledge is assessed through multiple-choice formats. Despite advantages such as ease of scoring, multiple-choice tests (MCT) are accompanied with problems. One of the more central issues has to do with guessing and the presence of other construct-irrelevant… read more
Schmitt, Norbert and Stephen Redwood 2011 Learner knowledge of phrasal verbs: A corpus-informed studyA Taste for Corpora: In honour of Sylviane Granger, Meunier, Fanny, Sylvie De Cock, Gaëtanelle Gilquin and Magali Paquot (eds.), pp. 173–208 | Article
This study analyses whether a group of learners’ productive and receptive knowledge of some of the most common phrasal verbs (PVs) is related to the frequency of those PVs. Secondly, we look at factors which may have affected the learners’ PV knowledge. The learners completed two tests (productive,… read more
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