Helmut Schnelle

List of John Benjamins publications for which Helmut Schnelle plays a role.


Schnelle, Helmut 2004 Time in Language — Language in Time: A Leibnizian PerspectiveLexique, Syntaxe et Lexique-Grammaire / Syntax, Lexis & Lexicon-Grammar: Papers in honour of Maurice Gross, Leclère, Christian, Éric Laporte, Mireille Piot and Max Silberztein (eds.), pp. 581–588 | Article
Ordinary language is not determined by a single and unique system. Just as a biological organism, its interrelated systems of form and meaning are developing as a multi-system, even in conceptual areas which, to the scientific mind, seem to be highly systematic, such as time. A closer study reveals… read more
Schnelle, Helmut 1999 Dichotomies in the Brain - Jakobsonian and ModernPrague Linguistic Circle Papers: Travaux du cercle linguistique de Prague nouvelle série, Hajičová, Eva, Tomáš Hoskovec, Oldřich Leška †, Petr Sgall and Zdena Skoumalová (eds.), pp. 303–310 | Article
Schnelle, Helmut 1996 Remarks on substance, function and formDiscourse and Meaning: Papers in honor of Eva Hajičová, Partee, Barbara H. and Petr Sgall (eds.), pp. 87 ff. | Article
Schnelle, Helmut 1996 Beyond new structuralismTheoretical Linguistics and Grammatical Description: Papers in honour of Hans-Heinrich Lieb, Sackmann, Robin and Monika Budde (eds.), pp. 277–286 | Article
Schnelle, Helmut 1986 Array logic for syntactic production processorsLanguage and Discourse: Test and Protest, Mey, Jacob L. (ed.), pp. 477 ff. | Article