Herbert Schriefers

List of John Benjamins publications for which Herbert Schriefers plays a role.


We investigated whether the language of instruction (Dutch or English) influenced the study success of 614 Dutch and German first-year psychology students in the Netherlands. The Dutch students who were instructed in Dutch studied in their native language (L1), the other students in a second… read more
Producing multi-word utterances is a complex, yet relatively effortless process. Research with the picture-word interference paradigm has shown that speakers can plan all elements of such utterances up to the phonological level before initiating speech, yet magnitude and direction of this… read more
Frauenfelder, Ulrich Hans and Herbert Schriefers 1997 A psycholinguistic perspective on Simultaneous InterpretationInterpreting 2:1/2, pp. 55–89 | Article
Experimental psycholinguistics investigates the cognitive processes underlying our ability to comprehend and produce language using empirical tools similar to those used in experimental psychology. In so doing, it adopts the strategy of cognitive decomposition (see also Massaro & Shlesinger, this… read more