Alison Sealey

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alison Sealey plays a role.


Sealey, Alison 2019 Translation: A biosemiotic/more-than-human perspectiveTarget 31:3, pp. 305–327 | Article
This article contributes to the developing recognition that the challenges raised by the enterprise of translating between languages extend beyond human language. It suggests that there are parallels between the political issues recognised by translation scholars – of exclusion,… read more
Sealey, Alison 2018 Animals, animacy and anthropocentrismFrom Culture to Language and Back: The Animacy Hierarchy in language and discourse, Gardelle, Laure and Sandrine Sorlin (eds.), pp. 224–247 | Article
This paper explores various ways in which contemporary British English depicts degrees of animacy among nonhuman animals, and demonstrates the anthropocentric qualities of much discourse about animals. The first section reviews discussions of animacy in relevant research literature, highlighting… read more
Sealey, Alison 2014 Cats and categories — reply to TeubertLanguage and Dialogue 4:2, pp. 299–321 | Article
This paper is a response to the discussion article in Language and Dialogue 3:2 by Wolfgang Teubert, “Was there a cat in the garden? Knowledge between discourse and the monadic self.” Teubert deals there with a number of themes, including a discussion of some philosophical issues raised by Roy… read more
This article reports on an analysis of a small corpus of fiction written for children, extracted from the BNC. Quantitative analyses of most frequent words and sequences of words, and of parts-of-speech, were conducted, and compared with their equivalents in two other sub-corpora of the BNC, of… read more