Barbara Seidlhofer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Barbara Seidlhofer plays a role.


Hülmbauer, Cornelia and Barbara Seidlhofer 2013 Chapter 18. English as a lingua franca in European multilingualismExploring the Dynamics of Multilingualism: The DYLAN project, Berthoud, Anne-Claude, François Grin and Georges Lüdi (eds.), pp. 387–406 | Article
In this chapter, we investigate the use of English as a lingua franca (ELF) in interaction with other languages in linguistically diversified settings and examine the ways in which ELF is employed by plurilingual European speakers. On the one hand, this concerns the speakers’ strategic adaptation… read more
Seidlhofer, Barbara 2011 Conceptualizing ‘English’ for a multilingual EuropeEnglish in Europe Today: Sociocultural and educational perspectives, De Houwer, Annick and Antje Wilton (eds.), pp. 133–146 | Article
The growing importance of English in multilingual Europe poses a dilemma: a common language is important for communal integration, but at the same time it is perceived as threatening European multilingualism. Faced with this quandary, it is crucial how ‘English’ is conceptualized. It is not… read more
Berns, Margie, Jennifer Jenkins, Marko Modiano, Barbara Seidlhofer and Yasukata Yano 2009 Perspectives on English as a lingua francaWorld Englishes – Problems, Properties and Prospects: Selected papers from the 13th IAWE conference, Hoffmann, Thomas and Lucia Siebers (eds.), pp. 369–384 | Article
The following contribution is a joint article by the above authors, which summarizes the results of a workshop on English as a lingua franca at the 13th annual IAWE conference. The authors critically examine the Kachruvian terminology and present five complementary perspectives on the use of… read more
Seidlhofer, Barbara 2008 Of norms and mindsetsEnglish as an International Language: Challenges and possibilities, Clyne, Michael and Farzad Sharifian † (eds.), pp. 33.1–33.7 | Miscellaneous
Widdowson, Henry G. and Barbara Seidlhofer 2003 The virtue of the vernacular: On intervention in linguistic affairsSocial Dialectology: In honour of Peter Trudgill, Britain, David and Jenny Cheshire (eds.), pp. 299–309 | Article
Seidlhofer, Barbara 2002 Pedagogy and local learner corpora: Working with learning-driven dataComputer Learner Corpora, Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Teaching, Granger, Sylviane, Joseph Hung and Stephanie Petch-Tyson (eds.), pp. 213–234 | Article
Seidlhofer, Barbara and Henry G. Widdowson 1999 Coherence in Summary: The Contexts of Appropriate DiscourseCoherence in Spoken and Written Discourse: How to create it and how to describe it, Bublitz, Wolfram, Uta Lenk and Eija Ventola (eds.), pp. 205 ff. | Article