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Foregrounding theory deals with the relation between deviant textual device (e.g., alliteration) and the effect on readers (e.g., high aesthetic evaluation). While previous research has tended to look at an array of devices together in longer stretches of text, we focus on an isolated, semantic… read more
Shen, Yeshayahu and Elad Kotzer 2011 The farmers sowed seeds and hopes: Element order in metaphorical phrasesSemblance and Signification, Michelucci, Pascal, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg (eds.), pp. 173–190 | Article
Conceptual prominence plays an important role in determining word order in metaphorical sentences: conceptually prominent items tend to precede less prominent ones. In: ‘the farmers sowed seeds and hopes’ the order of the two noun in the conjunctive noun phrase (seeds and hopes) seems more natural… read more
Shen, Yeshayahu 2008 Two levels of foregrounding in literary narrativesDirections in Empirical Literary Studies: In honor of Willie van Peer, Zyngier, Sonia, Marisa Bortolussi, Anna Chesnokova and Jan Auracher (eds.), pp. 103–111 | Article
Discourse analysts and linguists have used the term “foregrounding” to refer to “… new information, in contrast to elements in the sentence which form the background against which the new elements are to be understood …” (van Peer & Hakemulder (2005). These foregrounded / backgrounded elements are… read more
Shen, Yeshayahu 2002 4. Evaluation devices as a coordinating mechanism for story pointsThematics: Interdisciplinary Studies, Louwerse, Max M. and Willie van Peer (eds.), pp. 77–90 | Chapter