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Translation and Cognition

Edited by Gregory M. Shreve and Erik Angelone

Subjects Cognition and language | Interpreting | Psycholinguistics | Translation Studies


The complex-adaptive systems model is useful for understanding translational behavior and cognition in a way that unites our discipline with others (economics, biology, psychology) investigating complex, non-linear, dynamical, and adaptive systems. We can recast some conceptions of the… read more
Shreve, Gregory M. 2018 Chapter 6.4. Cognitive researchA History of Modern Translation Knowledge: Sources, concepts, effects, D’hulst, Lieven and Yves Gambier (eds.), pp. 385–387 | Chapter
Shreve, Gregory M., Erik Angelone and Isabel Lacruz 2018 Chapter 3. Are expertise and translation competence the same? Psychological reality and the theoretical status of competenceInnovation and Expansion in Translation Process Research, Lacruz, Isabel and Riitta Jääskeläinen (eds.), pp. 37–54 | Chapter
Translation competence has long been a staple fundamental concept in translation studies. In this paper, we argue that it is perhaps time to reconsider the need for this notion, at least in cognitive translation studies, where the concept of expertise could be a robust and more enlightening… read more
Mellinger, Christopher D. and Gregory M. Shreve 2016 Match evaluation and over-editing in a translation memory environmentReembedding Translation Process Research, Muñoz Martín, Ricardo (ed.), pp. 131–148 | Article
Computer-assisted translation (CAT) has been touted as a means of increasing translator productivity and improving translation quality while decreasing the amount of effort required to complete certain translation and localization tasks. Translation memory (TM) tools are among the most prevalent in… read more
Shreve, Gregory M. and Bruce J. Diamond 2016 Cognitive neurosciences and cognitive translation studies: About the information processing paradigmBorder Crossings: Translation Studies and other disciplines, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 141–168 | Article
Cognitive translation studies has made great strides in recent decades. The discipline has engaged more deeply with the cognitive sciences, integrating the study of mental processes into its understanding of the translation task. The information processing paradigm has been a mainstay of the… read more
Sun, Sanjun and Gregory M. Shreve 2014 Measuring translation difficulty: An empirical studyTarget 26:1, pp. 98–127 | Article
The purpose of this study was to find a method to measure difficulty in a translation task. Readability formulas have been suggested to be a useful tool and yet this needs to be empirically tested. In this study, NASA Task Load Index, a multidimensional scale for measuring mental workload, was used… read more
Folaron, Deborah A. and Gregory M. Shreve 2012 IntroductionTranslation Spaces 1, pp. 1–4 | Article
Shreve, Gregory M. 2012 Bilingualism and translationHandbook of Translation Studies: Volume 3, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 1–6 | Article
Shreve, Gregory M., Isabel Lacruz and Erik Angelone 2011 Sight translation and speech disfluency: Performance analysis as a window to cognitive translation processesMethods and Strategies of Process Research: Integrative approaches in Translation Studies, Alvstad, Cecilia, Adelina Hild and Elisabet Tiselius (eds.), pp. 93–120 | Article
Written and sight translation share a comprehension component centered on written input. In sight translation, because of production constraints, the cognitive effort expended in a given span of time is greater than in written translation. Comprehension, transfer, and production processes occur in… read more
Diamond, Bruce J. and Gregory M. Shreve 2010 Neural and physiological correlates of translation and interpreting in the bilingual brain: Recent perspectivesTranslation and Cognition, Shreve, Gregory M. and Erik Angelone (eds.), pp. 289–321 | Article
In translation studies, there has been a significant increase in the range of methodologies used to examine the cognitive processes underlying translation and interpreting and determine how and where these processes are represented in the brain. Some recent data gathering tools, such as… read more
Shreve, Gregory M. and Erik Angelone 2010 Translation and cognition: Recent developmentsTranslation and Cognition, Shreve, Gregory M. and Erik Angelone (eds.), pp. 1–13 | Article
Shreve, Gregory M., Isabel Lacruz and Erik Angelone 2010 Cognitive effort, syntactic disruption, and visual interference in a sight translation taskTranslation and Cognition, Shreve, Gregory M. and Erik Angelone (eds.), pp. 63–84 | Article
Due to limits on the reallocation of cognitive effort during sight translation, comprehension problems are likely to be more disruptive than they would be in written translation. Eye movements during the processing of “disrupted” experimental texts should reveal important information about the… read more
"Summary translation" is a form of translation that is much more common in the federal government than in commercial environments, and so is rarely studied and generally ill understood. While it involves many of the processes that emerge in the nor-mal full translation task (verbatim translation in… read more
Shreve, Gregory M. 2006 Corpus enhancement and computer-assisted localization and translationPerspectives on Localization, Dunne, Keiran J. (ed.), pp. 309–331 | Article
Shreve, Gregory M. 2001 8.4.3 Terminological Aspects of Text ProductionHandbook of Terminology Management: Volume 2: Application-Oriented Terminology Management, Wright, Sue Ellen and Gerhard Budin (comps.), pp. 772–787 | Article
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Shreve, Gregory M., Christina Schäffner, Joseph H. Danks and Jennifer Griffin 1993 Is There a Special Kind of “Reading” for Translation? An Empirical Investigation of Reading in the Translation ProcessTarget 5:1, pp. 21–41 | Article
The role of reading in translation is rarely discussed in the literature. Translation has mainly been discussed within a product-oriented framework. The more process-oriented approaches of recent years have taken notice of reading as a component activity of the translation process. However, few… read more