Ellen Simon

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ellen Simon plays a role.


Simon, Ellen, Evelien D’haeseleer, Feyza Altinkamis and Koen Plevoets 2020 Dutch speech intelligibility in bilingual Turkish-Dutch children in FlandersDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 9:1/2, pp. 215–235 | Article
This study examines the Dutch intelligibility of a group of monolingual Dutch and bilingual Turkish-Dutch preschool children in Flanders, as rated by native Dutch listeners and measured by a Dutch intelligibility test. The intelligibility of the bilingual children is compared to that of the… read more
This article examines the linguistic forces at work in present-day second language and bilingual acquisition of laryngeal contrasts, and to what extent these can give us insight into the origin of laryngeal systems of Germanic voicing languages like Dutch, with its contrast between prevoiced and… read more