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Subjects Discourse studies | English linguistics | English literature & literary studies | Germanic linguistics | Pragmatics | Theoretical literature & literary studies
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Theoretical literature & literary studies


This chapter probes the common (and perhaps controversial) perception of many in the UK and Ireland that people from North America “don’t do” irony. Stimulated by the type of discussion found in Nash’s The Language of Humour (1985), the author interrogates this folk belief… read more
Simpson, Paul and Ronald Carter 2019 IntroductionStyle, Rhetoric and Creativity in Language: In memory of Walter (Bill) Nash (1926-2015), Simpson, Paul (ed.), pp. 1–8 | Chapter
This article draws on a range of models from language studies, particularly from linguistic pragmatics, in order to elucidate patterns in the production and reception of irony in its social and cultural context. An expanded view of the concept of irony, it is suggested, allows for better modelling… read more